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Oracle APEX popup menu with Pretius APEX Context Menu

Introduction When we develop applications for our clients we are implementing them according to their requirements. We discuss the capabilities and limitations of the Oracle APEX platform with our clients and we are constantly trying to meet their expectations. When

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Secrets of top performance in Java

During the 4Developers conference, Łukasz Majcher and Bartek Chrostek (developers from Pretius) took part in the presentation titled “Secrets of top performance in Java revealed” by Jonatan Kaźmierczak. Łukasz and Bartek wanted to focus on the problem of counting words

Pretius APEX Team at European Conferences – beginning of 2019

In first quarter of 2019 our APEX Team (Przemysław Staniszewski @pstaniszewski, Adam Kierzkowski @kierzkowski49 and me @bostrowsk1) had pleasure to participate in 2 European Oracle Application Express conferences – APEX Alpe Adria in Croatia and APEX Connect in Germany. Both were very exciting for

Conversational bots in cloud

As mentioned in the previous article, our company uses conversational bot to improve recruitment process. See below for some stack decisions we took during development. When exploring a new technological area, I always start from checking solutions provided on cloud platforms.

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Diversity & richness of front-end environment

There is something very unique about IT working environment. As I have struggled throughout many kinds of work I have never experienced such a desire to share your knowledge with other people as I have right now while working in

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Testing software using the Spock Framework

Developing tests is a topic often overlooked in the process of developing software. The workload required to create and maintain them, the amount of boilerplate code that is necessary to check simple functionalities and the lack of clear benefit are

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Gitflow for parallel development by multiple software vendors and one external repository

It’s quite simple to configure git for your development team. There are some good tutorials which  show you step by step how to implement gitflow best practices in your company. But what if you are managing source code in your

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Confitura 2018

At 30 of June 2018 in Warsaw Expo XXI along with 7 of our colleagues from Pretius, I took part in Confitura 2018. It was conference for Java developers with quite local character. I have experience with bigger conference Geecon

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Devoxx Poland 2018

Along with other guys from the Pretius team, I had a chance to participate in this year’s edition of Devoxx Poland, which was held from June 20 to 22 in Kraków. Devoxx is the biggest Java conference in Poland and is a great

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