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The power of loyalty

Sometimes –  for example, when you enter a new and different market or offer your clients a shiny new product – traditional ad campaigns and other marketing tools just aren’t enough to attract customers and build the brand awareness you want. A loyalty program can be an essential tool in such circumstances – it’ll help build brand recognition, while also boosting customer retention and engagement. However, running them effectively can be a challenge.

A custom loyalty program software created by Pretius will help you overcome these obstacles and build long-lasting relationships with your customers by offering them various discounts and rewards for their continued business and loyalty to your brand. We’ll build the solution together so that it fits your business plan perfectly, allows you to optimize your loyalty programs and reap their benefits in full.

A suite of powerful features and integrations

Our custom loyalty program software can have an in-build CMS – a system you use to easily manage the content you offer your users, and facilitate convenient communication channels. Alternatively, we can integrate the solution with technology your company already uses. This includes not only CMS, but also PoS (Point of Sale) management software, systems used by courier companies, eCommerce solutions, SMS gateways, mailing systems, e-gift/loyalty card software, and so on. Simply tell us what kinds of integrations you need.


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Experience with huge enterprises

Pretius has experience with various industries and fields, such as telecommunications, FMCG, retail, etc. We also have many large corporations in our client portfolio – including such brands, as T-Mobile, Play, TVN (a media company owned by Warner Bros. Discovery), and Phillip Morris. It means we know plenty about working with such organizations. We value long-term relationships with clients and appreciate the trust they place in us.


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