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Software is of paramount importance in the XXI century, but it doesn’t always mean you have to hire an entire team or outsource the whole project to an outside vendor. Sometimes the best course of action is finding some additional help, in the form of a few experienced software developers that could help out your in-house experts. However, actually carrying this plan out can prove difficult in the current job market.

Thankfully, there’s another option. You can have a team of remote software developers join your in-house unit – and that’s where we come in. We’ve been providing software development services for nearly 20 years now, and there are many market-leading companies among our clients. In some cases, we’ve worked with them for a decade or more! Our people have a keen understanding of many different industries – you can be sure we’ll have someone who’ll fit your company’s needs perfectly.

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When you want to find some people to complement your team, it’s very important they’re a good match. We have extensive experience working with people and companies from other countries – you can be sure there’ll be no problems with cultural differences, and proficiency in English won’t be a barrier either. Of course, you can always visit us at our headquarters. Pretius is based in Warsaw, Poland – in the very heart of Eastern Europe, around 2,5 hours from London by plane.

Renowned experts

When you look for software developers, you want the very best – and that’s precisely what we can offer. We have world-renowned experts and international speakers on our team, and a proven position in the software community – especially (but not exclusively) when it comes to low-code solutions. We’re the creators of very popular APEX plugins, that are available under an open-source license. We’re also known for the translate APEX project – a free application that was made to help out developers all around the world.

Market leaders

Pretius has a great deal of experience in custom software development, and it’s important to note that enterprise-grade projects have always been our focus. We’ve provided solutions for big players in many different industries, such as telco, media, finance and transportation. You can be certain we have people who’ll understand your particular situation and your business needs.

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