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Building relationships is a crucial part of any business, and it’s an area that has changed considerably over the years. Nowadays, direct contact is often replaced by internet communication, which means you have to use other tools and ways to achieve your goal. At the same time, the companies often go global, which means that in place of tens or hundreds of clients, they have to manage tens or hundreds of thousands.

There’s one piece of the puzzle that can make things a lot easier – a customer relationship management system (CRM). It’s a software solution you can use to build and maintain business relationships with your existing and prospective clients. Your employees can safely and quickly access all the important information, create offers and make sales, which in turn helps with approaching each customer individually.

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Proven development process

One advantage Pretius has over many other software companies is that we’ve got experience in both major custom software development methodologies: Waterfall and Agile. This allows us to accommodate the client and choose the type of collaboration that will suit a given software project the best. Of course, we always provide top-notch project management, to ensure there are clear channels of communication between you and the development team, and neither the budget nor the deadlines are exceeded.

Close collaboration

We often collaborate closely with our business clients and product owners, working directly with their in-house team. This way we can make sure that the company’s employees will be included in the development process, and will know whatever they need about the software solution we’re providing them with. Sometimes we also train and guide the client’s people (either developers or non-technical specialists) in the use of a given technology – thanks to this, the company can later modify and maintain the software without our help and extensive knowledge about coding.

Maintenance and support guarantee

Of course, if you do still need some help after the project is finished, worry not – we’ll be there to provide it. We work in software development long enough to know that creating a software solution is rarely the end – someone has to take care of the maintenance, not to mention future improvements and updates. Many software companies aren’t willing to provide this kind of ongoing support, but Pretius is – we take pride in being long-term software partners of more than a dozen companies, with the collaboration going back 10 years or more in some cases.

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