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The cloud is pretty much required for most business endeavors – sure, in some industries you can technically operate without it, but even in these fields, it won’t be easy for you to claim the title of a market leader. The simple truth is that to get on top, and stay there, you really need the advantage offered by cutting-edge software and technologies. But worry not – we’re here to help.

We can migrate your entire IT infrastructure into the cloud (or propose a hybrid approach and move only some parts of it), using one of the best solutions on the market – Amazon Web Services (AWS). Aside from making sure everything works correctly, we’ll also help you utilize your new technology in full, by proposing new options and ideas, optimizing cost-efficiency, and general effectiveness.

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Hybrid solutions for every scenario

The clould is a great, future-proof way to run your systems, but in some situations keeping your own server is a necessity. For example, you might have an extensive set of older tools that you don’t want to replace yet (and that aren’t necessarily compatible with cloud-based technologies), or maybe you need to store at least some part of the data locally because of legal/security reasons. In situations like that, you might want to consider some kind of a hybrid solution (specifics will be case-dependant, but one possible scenario is keeping the data layer on premises, but moving applications that use it to the cloud).

Proven development process

Our main goal is always finding the best solution to the client’s problems, which is why we do what we can to accommodate every circumstance and specific situation. Pretius has the know-how and people required to work in both major custom software development methodologies – Waterfall and Agile. We can adopt whichever approach will fit your project best. We also provide quality project management, to ensure smooth communication and cooperation between both parties. 

Maintenance and support guarantee

Pretius works in software development long enough (over 15 years!) to understand that finishing a project is rarely the end of work. Someone has to maintain the system, take care of updates, and even add new features when the company deems them necessary. Some software houses don’t provide this kind of service, usually due to the lack of workforce required for that. We’re not one of those – we aim to build lasting relationships with our clients, and we can proudly say we are a long-term partner for over a dozen big corporations.

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