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Security is a critical problem in the Internet age, and it won’t get any less relevant in the coming years. Moreover, since people are often the biggest “weak link” in system security, user access management is a key aspect of business operations.

Achieving a good level of cybersecurity without compromising user experience can be challenging, however. No one likes remembering five different passwords for apps and systems they use daily. Thankfully, there’s a way to marry top-notch security with great ease of use – you can implement an identity and access management solution with a single sign-on functionality.

Do you know what’s the best IAM solution for your company?

Features for every business need

The systems we implement can be customized to offer features designed to facilitate various business needs. Do you want to define advanced password policies or enable single sign-on for several apps? No problem. Would you like to assign users to different roles and subgroups and manage their access centrally? Or maybe you want to offer some of your employees (such as members of the support team) the option to “impersonate” a specific user to help them solve an issue? We can do that too.

Experience with huge enterprises

Pretius has experience with various industries and fields, such as FMCG, banking, retail, and telecommunications. Moreover, we work with a good number of large corporations with a worldwide reach, which means we know how to accommodate such clients. You can find brands such as T-Mobile, Warner Bros. Discovery, Phillip Morris, and BNP Paribas in our client portfolio, and we’ve built long-term, trust-based relationships with many of them.

Guaranteed long-term support

Creating software is just the first step. Companies need to maintain their new solution, and – as time goes by – usually want to update it with additional features. Pretius offers ongoing support, which is something many software companies are unwilling or unable to do – and such services are especially important in the case of systems connected to cybersecurity. With us, you can rest easy knowing we won’t leave you hanging after the initial development.

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