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Sales commission is a crucial aspect of operations for many companies, most notably in the financial sector. However, calculating commissions the “old way” – usually with Excel sheets, using nearly forgotten, secret formulas that no one can recreate anymore – is often difficult, error-prone, and very time-consuming. Do you wish there was a better way to do that? Well, thankfully, there is – a custom-made sales commission system.

Pretius has a great deal of experience with implementing such systems in big companies from the banking, insurance, telecommunications, energy, and media sectors. The custom sales commission software we create for our clients is based on a battle-tested proprietary solution we’ve designed over the years of working with various businesses. It’s a comprehensive system that we tailor to the specific business needs of every client. It’ll allow you to calculate commissions quickly and securely. It’ll significantly reduce the number of errors, and free your employees’ schedules so that they can take care of more productive tasks.

Four modules, one system

The Pretius commission management software is built from four distinct modules. The Commission module is the main part, used for settling commissions. The Evidencing module allows the system to evidence partners and the conditions under which you cooperate with them. The Reporting module provides clients with analytics, offering valuable data they can use. Finally, the Dealership Portal serves as a front-end gateway to the outside world – it allows you to connect with your partners and share invoices, bills, etc. with them. We don’t use all of these modules during every sales commission implementation, but we have all the bases covered – no matter what your needs are, we’ll be ready.

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Battle-tested development

Pretius developers know how to work in both major custom software development methodologies: Waterfall and Agile. We’re flexible, can approach each project in the best way possible, and accommodate the specific needs of your company. We also make sure to always provide great project management to ensure smooth communication and cooperation, and we offer guidance for clients who don’t have a great deal of experience with software development.

Guaranteed maintenance and support

The end of af sales commission system’s development is often not the end of work – far from it, in fact. Sometimes, the clients also need someone to take care of the maintenance, or design and implement future updates and improvements. Many software companies aren’t willing to provide such ongoing support, especially considering the sensitive nature of such a system and the data it uses. However, we’re happy to oblige, and we make sure we have the necessary staff. We’re proud to be long-term software partners of more than a dozen businesses. In some cases, the collaboration goes back over 10 years!

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