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Sometimes you’re just not interested in cutting any corners – you want the best software your money can get you, perfectly tailored to your company’s specific needs. Very often in such situations, clients don’t want to experiment with new technologies and frameworks and prefer a solution based on an established and well-respected technology, such as Java. Thankfully, that’s precisely what we have to offer. 

Pretius has numerous veteran Java developers on staff. As a company, we have almost 20 years of experience in Java application development for market leaders in various industries. Also, our talented business analysts and software architects can help you specify the goals and business needs so that the process of developing your systems and apps is as smooth and cost-efficient as possible.

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Pretius employs various people, both from Poland, and several different parts of the world – we have an office in Warsaw, in the very heart of Eastern Europe, but we’ve adopted a hybrid work model, and some of our experts carry out their duties remotely. We’ve worked with companies from all around the globe, and we’re always open to traveling and meeting the client face to face, to discuss any important details of the project. Just tell us what you need, and we’ll see what we can do to help.

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We know how to work with really big corporations – we have proven experience with market-leading companies from various industries and fields, such as telecommunications, transport/logistics, banking and insurance, media and entertainment. In our portfolio, you can find such well-known brands as Phillip Morris, T-Mobile, Play, and TVN (a Polish media company owned by Discovery). You can be sure we know our way around big players.

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