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Having the software you need even a little bit faster can sometimes be a huge deal for your company. So what if you could have it quite a bit sooner, and also at a substantially lower cost? That sounds like a good deal, doesn’t it? Thanks to low-code technologies, that scenario is entirely possible, and it just so happens we’re world-renowned experts of one of the leading solutions from this category – Oracle Application Express (APEX for short).

Oracle APEX is a powerful low-code technology that allows us to create applications for pretty much any occasion. We build them from pre-existing elements and then customize them further so that they fit your business needs and specifications as best as they can. The actual coding work is limited to a minimum, which is where the savings – in terms of both time and money – come from.

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Close collaboration and knowledge sharing

We often work closely with business users and product owners. Our aim is usually to include the client’s in-house team in the development process as much as possible so that later they can carry out maintenance for the software by themselves (with minimal coding required), lessening the overall cost. In some cases, that is accompanied by teaching the client’s employees whatever they need to know – we train them in the use of technology, but also show them methodologies such as Agile and Scrum.

Experience with market leaders

We know our way around many different industries and fields, and it’s not just academic knowledge, but battle-proven experience. There are many big, market-leading corporations in our portfolio. We’re talking companies such as T-Mobile, Play, TVN (a media company owned by Discovery), or Phillip Morris. We’re accustomed to working with the biggest of players, and we know precisely what they need.

Proven development process

One of the advantages Pretius has over many other software companies is the experience in both major custom software development methodologies: Waterfall and Agile. Thanks to that, we can choose the best way to approach a given project. Also, we always provide great project management, to ensure seamless and non-problematic communication and cooperation between us and the client.

Maintenance and support guarantee

Finishing a project is often not the end of work – sometimes clients need someone to take care of the maintenance, or improve the system in some way down the line, add new features, and functionalities. While many software companies aren’t willing to provide this kind of ongoing support, we are, and we have the workforce for that. We’re long-term software partners of more than a dozen enterprises. In some cases, it’s a collaboration that goes back 10 years or more – and we’re very proud of that!

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