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Two decades of modernizing legacy applications

Software gets old, it’s normal. However, legacy systems modernization can be challenging – especially when you’re a market leader and your everyday business relies on a solution built years ago. On the one hand, you want to improve security, cut license costs, and invest in future-proof software backed by reliable companies and a huge community of developers. On the other hand, legacy applications are still vital to your business, you’ve got plenty of important data to migrate, and quite likely, not many employees remember how the legacy systems were built.

At Pretius, we know these fears very well, as we’ve been successfully modernizing legacy software for almost 20 years in various sectors: banking, insurance, telecom, healthcare, transportation, and more. Among our long-term partners, you can find international companies like T-Mobile, BNP Paribas, Philip Morris International, and Canal+. We understand the needs of such market leaders, and we take great care to ensure that the modernization of your legacy systems will bring you none of the drawbacks and all the possible benefits of digital transformation.

Popular legacy systems

Since you’ve stumbled upon this website, you probably know very well that some of your systems need migration and modernization. Over the years, we’ve found out that big companies using Oracle solutions are among the ones that need digital transformation services the most. Below, you can find a few of the most popular legacy technologies that we’ve learned to modernize – if these names sound familiar, you’re at the right place.

  • Oracle Forms 
  • Oracle Reports
  • Oracle Discoverer
  • Oracle ADF
  • Oracle BI Publisher
  • Oracle BI Enterprise Edition
  • Java 8 (and other legacy versions)
  • AngularJS (discontinued version)

Reasons for software modernization

There are legitimate reasons behind the decision to modernize your company’s software. Here are some of the ones that our clients mention most often: 

  • Technical debt makes it difficult to introduce new features needed for your business’ operational efficiency
  • Software licensing means that maintaining legacy applications gets more and more expensive
  • Your employees and clients cannot benefit from new technologies (like web and mobile apps, cloud computing, and a modern user interface)
  • It gets harder every year to ensure proper security and data protection
  • Not many software developers want to work on legacy code
  • The decision to modernize old systems seems like a chance to rethink your business processes for future growth

Things that can hold back your efforts

While legacy application modernization might seem like an obvious choice, there are, in fact, many possible drawbacks and worries to consider:

  • Legacy applications might be crucial for your business, so you can’t just stop using them to implement something new
  • Your employees and clients have been using this software for many years and simply got used to it – some may even fear the change as they believe their livelihood depends on old solutions
  • It’s hard for you to tell how long the migration might take (and it’s not something the management wants to hear), and many legacy systems don’t have proper documentation that you could use to speed up the modernization efforts

These are all reasonable worries – fortunately, at Pretius, we know how to address them.

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Modernization process that you can trust

You need to design a proper modernization strategy, which is exactly what we excel at – with almost 20 years of experience in Oracle technologies and 200+ specialists on board. Firstly, it’s possible that you don’t have to migrate your whole software. Sometimes, there are other ways, and – after our software architects and business analysts evaluate your legacy systems and get to know your business logic – we will help you choose the best modernization approach. Secondly, if migration is, in fact, the best choice, it doesn’t mean that you need to abandon legacy solutions right now – we know how important the transition period is, and we will help you maintain the old systems for as long as it’s needed. Thirdly, when migrating, you need to choose a new technology that is future-proof and familiar simultaneously – such a solution exists, and it’s called Oracle APEX.

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