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The bigger a company grows, the more business rules and processes it has to map and optimize. While some of these improvements can be done manually, if you want your organization to compete for the position of an industry leader, at a certain point in time a business process management (BPM) system becomes a necessity.

The good news is that there are many powerful and flexible BPM tools on the market, and some of them, such as Camunda or Activiti, can be used without incurring huge licensing costs. Our team tried out various BPM technologies to check which fits a given scenario best, and we excel at customizing software solutions to fit the specific needs of various industries and companies. Whatever you require, we’ll find an adequate answer.

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Optimize business processes with software tailored to your needs

At Pretius, we like to cooperate directly with our clients – we include their in-house teams in the various stages of the development process. We strive to understand the full context of a company’s situation – the business needs, the current tech stack, and what they want to achieve with the new software. A workflow management system will allow you to automate processes, easily create useful documentation, among other things, and leading business process management tools also offer native cloud support along with a solid list of integrations. However, we can customize and enhance the BPM software so that it fits your particular needs and the planned process improvement event better. Moreover, at Pretius we like to share our know-how with the in-house development teams of our clients so that they can later maintain and upgrade its solution without our help.

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Of course, sometimes a client can’t maintain the new solution without our help, and we make sure to provide it in such situations. While many software companies are unwilling to offer ongoing support, or simply don’t have the necessary workforce, we do – and we pride ourselves on being more than just a software vendor. We’re a long-term software partner to over a dozen of companies. In some cases, our cooperation goes back a decade or more!

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Trusted development methodologies

At Pretius, we understand that different clients have different needs and expectations when it comes to the software development process. Because of this, we can work just as effectively in both major development methodologies: Waterfall and Agile. We’ll decide together what fits your project the best – though, of course, you’ll have the final say in the matter. Moreover, we always provide excellent project management to ensure adherence to budget constraints, and smooth cooperation between our teams.

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