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Low-code solutions for enterprise-grade companies

Great effects and low costs

We function in a world, in which you have to use every advantage to stay competitive. The quality of the software is very important, however, its cost-efficiency also can be a paramount factor. But what if you could have both at the same time? Thankfully, that’s precisely the avenue that Oracle Application Express (APEX) technology opens in front of you and your business. Yes, it’s really possible.

Low-code development is a way of creating software that allows you to build functional applications with very little coding – you use pre-existing elements and solutions and mix them together to get what you need. There’s a lot to gain here. You can build fantastic, scalable, and powerful applications for pretty much any occasion and you can do so while minimizing costs of development and maintenance, and therefore gaining ground on your competitors. Of course, to achieve the best possible result you need to hire real APEX experts. Good news, though – you’re in the right place because that’s what we can offer, along with almost 20 years of experience in working with enterprise-grade companies.

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Close collaboration

We tend to work very closely with business users and product owners. We often cooperate with a client’s in-house team directly and include that company’s employees in the development process. This can be very important in case of low-code development – for example, we often train and guide the client’s people (either developers or non-technical specialists) in the technology we use, so that they can modify the software themselves later, even without extensive knowledge about coding.

Proven development process

Pretius has an advantage over many other software companies – we’ve got experience in both major custom software development methodologies: Waterfall and Agile. Because of that, we can always choose to work in a way that will suit your project and business needs best. No matter what the scenario is, we always provide top-notch project management – to make sure that the communication between you and the development team goes as well as it should, and that we won’t exceed time and budget.

Global collaboration

We work in a hybrid model, with employees in different locations in Poland, as well as around the world. We like to travel and we’ve successfully collaborated with clients from many different parts of the globe. We’re always ready to meet the client face to face to discuss the details of the project or celebrate its implementation. We also take part in international conferences and try to stay at the forefront of our industry.

Maintenance and support guarantee

When you finish a project, you often need someone to take care of the custom solution that was created. Sometimes it’s just to provide maintenance for the system, but you might also want to improve the software, add new features. Most software houses are unwilling to provide this kind of ongoing support, mostly because they lack the necessary workforce. This isn’t Pretius’s case, however – we’re proud to be long-term software partners of more than a dozen enterprises. We’ve worked for more than 10 years with some of them!

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