Bespoke UI and UX design services for market leaders

We create design based on research

Comprehensive service: from market research to user testing

Bespoke UI/UX design services constitute a crucial stage in our custom software creation and development process. We provide comprehensive support, so you don’t have to outsource additional services – such as system design or prototyping – to external agencies.

Our goal is not only to create an interface that looks good but also to optimize the experience for end-users – whether they are employees of your company or your customers – and enhance their satisfaction when using the new software. At Pretius, UX/UI design is a comprehensive process that includes market research, consumer studies, and system testing on end-users. This ensures that they use the software more efficiently, leading to improved processes, faster customer service, and a higher conversion rate.

Our competencies in designing and developing IT systems are based on years of experience working with medium and large enterprises across various industries, including telecommunications, media and entertainment, banking, finance, and more. Our clients include well-known market leaders such as Philip Morris, T-Mobile Poland, and TVN.

Analysis of goals and audience: the first steps towards a user-friendly system

In the design process, we place a strong emphasis on a profound understanding of user needs and their environment. Therefore, in addition to competitive research and market trends, we also engage in discussions with system’s end users. We analyze the purpose of this project, that is, the tasks you want to perform using the designed software, and identify potential challenges associated with them. We create personas, fictional representations of users that include age, job description, the goal they want to achieve with the application, and even interests, to better empathize with the user.

User Experience (UX) Design: the first prototype of the mock-up based on earlier research

At this stage, we design a monochromatic mock-up based on previously conducted research and analysis. This is the initial prototype of the system sketched on individual black and white screens in Figma – without any design elements. The purpose is to illustrate the process to be navigated within the application to perform a specific task and plan its pathways in a user-friendly manner.

Clickable prototypes: test the application before the coding stage

Depending on your needs, we can create clickable prototypes that allow you to test the application before the system development phase. These prototypes showcase selected functionalities of the new system (with or without design) that you would like to evaluate. Conducting tests on clickable prototypes involves creating scenarios with commands for users, such as “perform action X.”

Our goal is for the user to complete a specific activity in the application as quickly as possible and without making errors. This allows you to thoroughly analyze the user’s interaction with the system and collect feedback at an early stage. This helps further refine the application to better suit the unique needs of your company.

User Interface (UI) Design: creation of the final user interface

After you approve the UX mock-ups, we proceed to develop the final user interface. At this stage, we focus on visual aspects such as screen layout and button design. Our goal is to create a consistent and aesthetically pleasing interface that not only meets your expectations but also aligns seamlessly with your brand identity.

Depending on your needs, we can adapt to existing client guidelines, incorporating specific color schemes or fonts. In cases where you don’t have specific preferences, we are ready to propose particular solutions, helping you find the perfect look for all interface elements, and creating a comprehensive style guide from scratch if needed.

Design system: the key to resource savings

One of the steps in the bespoke UX/UI design process at Pretius is the creation of a Design System. We prepare a complete set of interface elements: buttons, text fields, menus, icons, etc. This way, we ensure consistency in the appearance of the entire system, its alignment with your brand identity, and lower development costs (developers don’t have to worry about designing each new button). You also gain the ability to reuse these ready-made solutions, enabling faster development of future applications.

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