JSON Dynamic Deserialization Library

Java library for JSON deserialization with runtime configured, modifiable and dynamic deserialization rules, utilizing Jackson for low-level operations. JDDL is distributed under Apache License 2.0.


The library was implemented with the following goals in mind:

  • provide simple, readable and flexible rules for object deserialization
  • allow for business-level management of deserialized objects
  • decouple deserialization specification from the model
  • allow customization and extension


The library is distributed as a jar with all classes defined in com.pretius.jddl package. The file is available for download from Maven repository.

To use JDDL use the following Maven dependency:

Or check version and dependency specifications at search.aven.org/artifact/com.pretius/jddl.


A simple plymorphic deserialization using single String field value to determine the class of the deserialized object at runtime.