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Over 18 years in telecom software development

Our history dates back to 2006 when we started delivering custom software for the telecom industry. Today, we have a dedicated business unit consisting of over 30 experts in telecommunication software development. They have worked with the biggest players in the Polish telecommunications market such as T-Mobile Poland and Play.

With their deep knowledge of the industry, Business Support Systems especially, they are well-equipped to help solve any problem you may encounter. So, if you are looking for a new future-proof software solution for your telecom company – look no further!

Custom telecom software to complete your digital transformation

We have successfully assisted our clients with transitioning to convergent services (triple and quadruple play). We understand the complexities of merging different types of services and we help our clients navigate the process of digital transformation with modern software solutions. 

To help with this transformation, Pretius provides custom Business Support Systems (BSS) such as CRM, product catalog, and order and price management solutions. Our team is skilled at integrating new systems with your existing software, ensuring all your internal data is consistent and up-to-date. Moreover, we make sure that the transition of your employees to the new systems is easy and smooth.

  • Sales and customer care applications
  • Product catalogs
  • Price management systems
  • Order management systems
  • Identity and access management

Let’s talk about your individual needs in a casual meeting

Several vendors on one project? Not a problem!

Nowadays, several vendors or teams working on a single software system is quite a common scenario. Pretius found a few methods that work the best in such situations. We like to prepare the collaboration plan with selected points of contact between teams. It covers every part of the development process, starting from the design phase through development, merging application code, testing, and finally, releasing and troubleshooting. Before the project starts, we customize the process to the business needs of the client and to the abilities of other vendors so our collaboration can run smoothly.


Guaranteed maintenance

If you still need some help after the project is finished, worry not – we’ll be there to provide it. We have worked in software development long enough to know that creating a software solution is rarely the end – someone has to take care of the maintenance, not to mention future improvements and updates. And this option is willingly used by our customers because as many as 93% of them continue or renew their collaboration with us.


of clients continue or renew the collaboration with Pretius

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We have outlined the telecommunications services we specialize in. However, why talk about generalities when the telecom industry is much more complex?

Let’s discuss your individual needs in a casual meeting. We’ll also show you a few case studies of systems we did for telecom leaders before.


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