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How to be a competitive telecom leader?

The answer is simple: by process automation, thus improving customer experience. That’s always challenging, however, we have been working with a few leading telecom companies for 16 years and may help you by providing future-proof telecom software development. Business Support Systems (BSS) and Sales and Care Applications such as CRMs, and Product Catalogs can help companies to achieve better time-to-market and result in more effective work of employees, which translates into better performance.

years of experience in working with telecom leaders

Our telecom software services

What do we do to help telecom leaders achieve their goals? Firstly, architecture redesign based on microservices which makes the maintenance and updates easier than ever before. Secondly, BSS system development which enables you to create custom offers for individual clients in a matter of minutes instead of hours. Thirdly, automated and centralized product catalogs which allow you to quickly run promotions on multiple sales channels at the same time. Last but not least, automation of the purchasing processes to improve the competitiveness of the hardware prices.

  • Business support systems
  • Sales and customer care applications
  • On-premise and cloud software
  • Legacy transformation
  • Architecture redesign
  • Courier API Integration

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Several vendors on one project? Not a problem!

Nowadays, several vendors or teams working on a single software system is quite a common scenario. Pretius found a few methods that work the best in such situations. We like to prepare the collaboration plan with selected points of contact between teams. It covers every part of the development process, starting from the design phase through development, merging application code, testing, and finally, releasing and troubleshooting. Before the project starts, we customize it to the business needs of the specific enterprise so our collaboration can run smoothly.


Complete development process

Before we start the implementation of your new system, there is a crucial step – solution design. Pretius will help you analyze and plan your application architecture for enterprise needs. Additionally, if you still need some help after the project is finished, worry not – we’ll be there to provide it. We work in software development long enough to know that creating a software solution is rarely the end – someone has to take care of the maintenance, not to mention future improvements and updates.


of clients continue or renew the collaboration with Pretius

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We have outlined the telecommunications services we specialize in. However, why talk about generals when the telecom industry is much more complex?

Let’s discuss your individual needs and a few case studies of systems we did for telecoms in a casual meeting.


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