A few weeks ago we had a chance to participate in VIII Forum architektów IT Conference. It took place at Google office in the center of Warsaw. The main purpose of the event was to share mutual experience in the field of IT Architecture.

Forum Architektów IT Logo

Quick numbers:

  • 12 presentations,
  • 14 speakers,
  • 2 networking brakes,
  • lots of crazy small lunch meals.

Firstly, there were 2 presentations that leaped off the page.

Stanisław Karpiński said a few words about challenges that corporative architecture needs to stand up against. Majority of advisory companies strikes up with big buzzwords like “Digital”, “Artificial Intelligence” “Cloud to the Edge “. It’s very important to deeply understand those slogans. Spending lots of dollars on viral headwords may not support your business case.Pretius Team at Forum Architektów IT

My favorite presentation was by Michał Mroczek “On the seemingness of the conflict between architectural discipline and agility.” (that’s the direct translation from the Polish title). Michał in the very clever way showed architecture role as a fulfillment of agile methodology. From the perspective of sports trainer, he assumed that architects give agile teams cognitive skills that they need. By cognitive he meant:

  • knowledge of situations,
  • pattern recognition,
  • anticipation.

That’s why in Pretius every project is discussed with our most experienced architects and developers. Every decision in the entry level of the project has a big impact on final project result.

A lot of people came up, that’s mean that the event was a big success. Next year we gonna probably need a bigger room for all of us 😉

It was a great experience to hear about actual problems and news in the architecture world.
Thanks to the ComputerWorld for organization and hope to see you next year!