Without a doubt 2015 was a great year for Oracle APEX community in the world, as Joel Kallman summarized on the official Oracle blog.

We are very proud that Pretius Team was a part of this by participating in many projects and conferences related to Oracle Application Express, and above all creating Translate APEX project.

2015 was the year of APEX 5. We migrated and adapted most of our applications to new Oracle Application Express version. Furthermore we created and shared new plugins and improved our two main APEX-based products – incentive compensation system Pretius Sales Commission and KPI calculation and visualization app Pretius KPI Dashboard. Moreover we have started cooperation with new international customers.

Key events in 2015:

  • March – Pretius took part in Warsaw IT Days (Warszawskie Dni Informatyki), where I delivered presentation “Oracle APEX: Data processing in business application” about creating applications with large amount of data in APEX. The presentation in Polish is available here.
  • June

    • Pretius APEX Team participated in APEX Connect in DĂŒsseldorf, Germany – the biggest Oracle Application Express conference in Europe. Pretius was gold sponsor of this event. In our exhibition space we presented our APEX solutions and met many interesting people.

      Maciej BrzeziƄski (Pretius CINO) receives IT Future Award for Pretius Sales Commission

      Maciej BrzeziƄski (Pretius CINO) receives IT Future Award for Pretius Sales Commission

    • Our 100% APEX based product Pretius Sales Commission won IT Future Award in Industry Dedicated IT Solution category.
  • September – we celebrated our 9th birthday by taking part in APEX Day 1.0 Conference in Prague, Czech Republic, where I gave a speech “Real-life APEX solutions” about using APEX in big projects for corporate clients. The presentation in English is available here.
  • October – with the release of apex.world portal, Pretius became its active member and provided 3 plugins:
  • November – we created and launched translate-apex.com – the portal, that allows community to share APEX translations. So far over 30 collaborators from 20 countries have provided translations for 34 languages – all available for free. This project was found as 1 of 5 most important APEX events in 2015.pretius_global
  • December – we became a partner of FOEX GmbH for Poland.

In next 12 months we are going to continue developing our products and projects based on Oracle Application Express and popularizing APEX technology in Poland and in the world.

You should expect more blog posts and new plugins. Look for us at domestic and international conferences, starting on 7.03.2016 with APEX World Congress in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, where I will be speaking together with AljaĆŸ Mali about Translate APEX Project.

If you are interested in cooperating with Pretius APEX Team or you would like to learn more about our solutions and Oracle Application Express – please contact me.

All the best in 2016!