Sales Commission


What is a Sales Commission System?

In most companies commission model is the common approach as far as sales force compensation is concerned.

It is important, that a commissioning processes and commissioning system is transparent to all parties involved.

Software used in calculation of the commissions should enforce correctness of data and be fully auditable.

Why Pretius Sales Commission?

Pretius delivers commissioning systems to multiple verticals. Our experience and long-time commitment in improving the tools for the sales forces (including incentive compensation management solutions) is a guarantee of success.

We know that most of the organisations start commission calculation using MS Excel. This is a cost-effective and simple way, suitable for young organisations which start building their sales teams. In time, when the sales team and sales partner network is growing, the need to move the data and processes from shared MS Excel files emerges.

To ease the migration process and use previously gained experience in working with spreadsheet software our solution provides the following features:

Our Sales Commission integration team has experience in integrating our solution with prioprietary CRM and Billing systems like:

Our team’s efforts are appreciated by our customers and recently the solution has been awardred the IT Future Award 2015.

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