Public / Private Cloud

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is the on-demand delivery of system resources like computing power (virtual machines, container runtime), storage (file storage, object storage, SQL/NoSQL databases), network services and applications.

Those resources can be delivered by public cloud providers like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform or in private clouds maintained by our customers using products like Kubernetes, Red Hat OpenShift or OpenStack.

Main benefits of cloud computing

  • Shorter time to market. You can build a production-ready environment in minutes. Use ready-made Software as a Service application for repetitive tasks in your systems and focus on building specific business logic.
  • Reliability. It’s easier to build highly scalable solutions, replicate data to different data centers and serve it to users in every place in the world thanks to cloud provider global infrastructure.
  • Increased agility. Experiment more. Trying new solutions has a low entry threshold. You can start using Big Data, Machine Learning, IoT etc. without building expensive infrastructure in your data center. You have made a Proof of Concept, and it’s not for you? Shut down everything, stop paying for resources and experiment with the next solution.
  • Cost optimization. Stop spending money on running and maintaining data centers. You will pay only for what you use and avoid overprovisioning.
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Why us?

Pretius has experienced, certified cloud architects on board. We proven our expertise becoming AWS Consulting Partner. Our experts can handle development & migration of applications and infrastructure maintenance in most popular public clouds like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and Oracle Cloud. Our team also have extensive experience with working in private cloud environments. We help to improve environments built with Kubernetes, OpenShift and OpenStack.

Check our case studies.

Conversational bots

We used Google Assistant to build conversational voice bot. It can respond to questions on our company, present open positions at Pretius or record candidate contact information for our recruitment team.
Google Cloud Platform

Migration of Oracle APEX to AWS

Mam Zdanie is an online service supporting open social consultations created by Stocznia, , built using Oracle APEX. Initially, it was hosted using the on-premise infrastructure. We decided to move the application to Amazon Web Services infrastructure – to reduce the cost of maintenance. It allowed us to reduce cost by 50% (simplifying the administration of service).
Amazon Web Services

Real time analytics

Pretius used Google Cloud Platform to create reports showing real-time and historical data about employees’ presence in the office. The solution is used to identify people at risk of COVID-19 infection quickly.
Google Cloud Platform

Hybrid infrastructure

IT infrastructure in Pretius is deployed in a hybrid environment (on-premises, AWS and GCP). We host about 40 machines in networks connected with VPNs.
Amazon Web Services Google Cloud Platform