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What is Oracle Application Express (APEX)?

Oracle Application Express (APEX) is a software platform built for fast development of database-driven web applications. It is a Rapid Application Development (RAD) tool, which requires only a Web browser installed for productive work.

Oracle Application Express has multiple built-in, free and ready-to-use business applications dedicated to various departments within organization. These applications (so called “packaged applications”) can be used right from the start to improve / automate company’s processes or can be used as a base for more advanced business solutions. Among those ready-to-use apps you will find: CRM (customer & contact management), Project Management, Innovation Management, Incident Management, HRMS, Reporting System and many others.

Oracle APEX is not just a runtime environment, but also a fully featured Web-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for applications built with: SQL, PL/SQL and contemporary Web technologies like: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Flash (HTML5, CSS3 and support for mobile devices included out-of-the-box with Responsive Web Design techniques). Oracle APEX is a great choice for database / PL/SQL programmers / Oracle DBAs who would like to try web development, but are not experts with Web technologies.

Oracle APEX is a cloud-native platform, so it is a perfect pick if you want to use it for cloud development with proven Oracle technologies. It is available with every Oracle cloud offering involving an Oracle Database (even the most basic one – Database Schema Service). You will find more information on Oracle’s site dedicated to database in the cloud – Oracle Cloud.

If you would like to try Oracle APEX out you can do this with just a few simple steps at this location: Request a workspace, then select if you would like to develop your own application or test out one or more of the packaged applications.

Typical Oracle APEX use-cases

  • migration of file / e-mail based processes (like shared Excel for commissioning process) to a Web application
  • building of advanced analytic applications with advanced charting and reporting with seamless Business Intelligence tools integration (e.g. Oracle BI Publisher, Jasper Reports)
  • creation of Web User Interface for database applications with business logic built with PL/SQL (packages, procedures, function) which did not have an UI in the first place
  • migration of Oracle Forms based applications to a Web application for easier application management and development, UI&UX update to contemporary standards


Oracle APEX is characterized by low entry cost as it is a no-cost option of each Oracle database version, even the free Oracle XE. If you already have available licenses for any version of the Oracle database in your organization, then you also have a fully supported by Oracle license for Oracle APEX.



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Pretius Oracle APEX experience

Pretius is a pioneer in Poland as far as Oracle Apex-based application development is concerned. We have an experienced team of Oracle DB & Oracle APEX experts whose members remember the days when Apex was still called HTML DB. Currently we work with the latest APEX 4.2.x/5.0.x releases and Oracle Rest Data Services.

Our APEX Team has built ~50 applications using the technology and integrated it with most corporate solutions like: Single Sign On systems, Web Services, Microsoft Active Directory and more. The team also creates Oracle Apex Plugins and Web browser extensions which improve the experience of working with the platform or enhance it with even more advanced features.

Our team members are active member of the APEX community, taking part in conferences (both as speakers and attendees), sharing knowledge (e.g. on our blog) and building community integrating solutions (like project). Our partnership with Oracle (we are an Oracle Gold Partner) and FOEX (we are a FOEX Silver Partner) are confirmations of our commitment to delivery of advanced business applications using Oracle APEX platform.

If you would like to know more about our team’s achievements or use our APEX free products then visit the links below:

Our APEX Plugins

Pretius Help text tooltip

The plugin overrides native APEX help text presentation layer (inline dialog) with tooltips in Oracle APEX 5 and Universal Theme. The tooltip can be aligned using 24 positions and it can indicate item, item label and item help button.

Dynamic action plugin Oracle APEX 5.x

Pretius APEX Date range

The plugin is Oracle APEX item plugin providing new date picker supporting range of dates. The plugin is dedicated to work with Oracle APEX Universal Theme. Behaviour and appeareance of the plugin can be changed with various settings.

APEX item plugin Oracle APEX 5.x

Pretius APEX Enhanced notifications

The plugin is dynamic action plugin providing notifications for Oracle APEX 5 and Universal Theme. Due to highly configurable attributes, the plugin can be used as presentation layer for AJAX callbacks. Translated messages from the database can be easly presented in two types of notification.

Dynamic action plugin Oracle APEX 5.x

Pretius APEX Nested Reports

The plugin is dynamic action plugin imlementing nested reports within APEX classic reports. Scope of data, data appearance and behaviour is customizable within the plugin attributes.
Dynamic action plugin Oracle APEX 5.x

Pretius APEX Enhanced Modal

The plugin is dedicated to use with Oracle APEX 5.x chained modal pages. Unlike to native modal page dialogs, the plugin allows to adjust every chained modal page appearance and behavior. Each time the modal page in modal dialog is loaded, the plugin adjust appearance (width, height, height in percents) and change behavior (resizable, draggable) of currently opened modal dialog.

Dynamic Action plugin Oracle APEX 5.x

Pretius APEX Enhanced LOV item

The plugin is dedicated to use with tabular forms. It implements functionalities of “Pretius APEX Enhanced LOV item” APEX item plugin within tabular forms textfields. Bussiness user are allowed to use autocomplete and modal dialog list of values in tabular forms.

Dynamic Action plugin Oracle APEX 4.x, 5.x

Pretius APEX Client Side Validation

The plugin is dedicated to validate APEX items according to defined APEX item validations on browser side – without submitting the form.

Dynamic action plugin Oracle APEX 4.x, 5.x

Pretius APEX Enhanced LOV item

The plugin is Oracle APEX item plugin providing new functionalities within text fields. Basing on APEX list of values the plugin allows to pick values from autofilter and modal popup. The settings of autofilter, popup dialog and others can be configured with 14 the plugin attributes.

APEX item plugin Oracle APEX 4.x, 5.x


Pretius APEX Enhanced Column Attributes

The extension extends APEX v.4.1+ application builder. The extension has been developed for Oracle Application Express because lack of handy column management functionalities in former APEX.

Chrome extension Oracle APEX 4.x

Solutions using Oracle APEX

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