All people are wondering what is important during a recruitment interview, for what recruiters pay attention to, and what is completely irrelevant for them.

There are many myths about dress code. What is important, very important is to have clean clothes. Dirty clothes aren’t look good. How should look your dress it’s not so important, of course we are not recommended sportswear like track-suit but jeans and jacket is ok. The most important is your clothes will be clean and ironed, shoes should be also clean and shine 😊

If you look good you will  feel good and the perception of your person will be better.

It is very important to arrive on time, we know that could happen many things on your way but try to leave the house earlier to be on time. Of course recruiters are understanding, they know that something can happen on the way, but remember to inform about the situation that has happened to you.

On interview important thing is eye contact, when you talk about your experience try to be confidence and keep eye contact with people who are in conversation.

When you talking about your experience say something about important projects and about your successes and failures, every people have better and worst sides. Don’t pretend to be an ideal employee who has never made a mistake because it doesn’t look real. Very important is to be honest during interview.

Try to be positive, eye contact and a bit of smile are always welcome 😊. Remember on the other side are people the same like you, don’t be afraid and try to be calm. Stress is a bad adviser.

Don’t be afraid to ask a question it’s very important part of every interview. This is your time, try to ask thoughtful question, of course there are no bad and stupid questions, but think before interview about what do you want to ask.

In short tips the most important is:

  • clean and ironed clothes
  • clean and shining shoes
  • be on time
  • have an eye contact
  • be calm and  introduce yourself, your career in a good way
  • ask question

Be yourself and all interviews will be very easy for you 😉