At Pretius, we continuously look for new areas we can develop competence in. Constantly growing market of conversational bots is drawing our attention in particular.

Polish premiere of Google Assistant prompted us to create our own bot. For already two moths now, you can get in touch with our bot Luke via Messenger or our Facebook fanpage. Luke can respond questions on our company, present open positions at Pretius or record your contact information for our recruitment team

Starting from today, you can also talk to us using Google Assistant.¬†If you have Android on your mobile, just click here¬†and start conversation.¬†iPhone users will need to download ‚ÄúGoogle Assistant‚ÄĚ application from Apple App Store first. Try telling ‚Äúporozmawiaj z Pretius‚ÄĚ (talk to Pretius) to your assistant. You can also say ‚Äúzapytaj Pretius o pracńô‚ÄĚ (ask Pretius for an open position).

So far Luke can speak Polish but he’s a fast-learner and is working on picking up some English.

Stay tuned as our conversational bots journey has not come to an end yet. We’ll share some info on stack we decided to use in next post.

Works with the Google Assistant