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How to deploy and run a Spring Boot application on Jetty

With the help of Maven, Spring Boot provides means to run a web application on several embedded servers. It is still spring, so deploying to an existing environment is also possible.  Unfortunately, running a Spring Boot application on Jetty server requires some

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How to use MyBatis to effectively perform batch database operations?

During your software projects you must have come across an issue which includes bulk operations on relational database (mass updates, inserts, deletes). As it occurs, performing single statements for bulk operations is lengthy due to the fact that each database action involves using (setting

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How to integrate Pentaho DI with web application?

Pentaho Data Integration is a powerful platform which allows developers to create fast, scalable, multi-platform ETL processes. It delivers easy to use graphical interface for data integration and supports most of popular databases. Today most commercial application are developed as

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