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Introduction Maven profiles are not the most commonly used feature and there is relatively little information on how to use them in practice. They can be used to differentiate builds of the same application; virtually every element specified in one’s pom.xml …

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Spring boot is great framework to easily create applications with production-ready features such as metrics, health checks and externalized configuration. You can create stand-alone applications with embedded servlet container or you can deploy application traditionally to application server. Unfortunately spring boot …

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With the help of Maven, Spring Boot provides means to run a web application on several embedded servers. It is still spring, so deploying to an existing environment is also possible.  Unfortunately, running a Spring Boot application on Jetty server requires some …

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On 22 – 24 June 2015 I attended Devoxx Java conference in Krakow. It is the biggest Java conference in Poland. There was 2000 participants from 20 different countries and 100 speakers. Everyday there was 10 hours of talks, up to 6 talks simultaneously.

In this blog entry I try to summarize common topics, popular trends, favorite speakers and generally what can you expect on Devoxx conference from perspective of java developer.

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