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Bespoke software can offer your company huge benefits and give you an edge over the competition, but that doesn’t mean it’s the right choice in every scenario. In this article, we’ll take a look at how custom solutions can help …

The advantages of bespoke software – when is it the right choice for your business? Read More »

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For a product/business owner who plans his new venture, the choice of a software stack can be a really important one – it can pretty much make or break a business, right from the get-go. Here’s what you should know …

10 solutions you should consider for your web stack in 2021 – a guide for the non-technical Read More »

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Business analysts use a wide range of different tools in their job. Some are needed for communication, others to manage tasks and carry out specific actions, such as process modeling or creating mockups. Here’s what I, as the business analyst …

15 business analyst tools you need to know to do your job well Read More »

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It’s usually a good idea to keep your application’s architecture “clean”, especially if you plan to expand your software for years. But what does “clean architecture” really mean? How to organize it well and avoid common mistakes? What is ArchUnit …

Clean architecture in Java: How ArchUnit can help your application Read More »

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In the 21st century, technology defines what most companies can and cannot do, which means most of them need IT support in one form or another. Sometimes your own IT department just doesn’t have the required time or expertise, so …

Cross-team collaboration in software development: challenges and tips for CTOs Read More »

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Go is gaining prominence as one of the languages that programmers love the most. The main reasons for that popularity are quite visible to anyone with some familiarity with the Go – it’s simple in a good way, easy to …

Go vs. Java comparison: a guide for developers who want to start working with Golang Read More »

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Even people as busy as software developers sometimes have spare time on their hands. Maybe a project they’re working on is getting stalled for reasons out of their control, or the company currently doesn’t have as many clients as was …

Side projects for programmers: 5 ideas you can use when managing a team of software developers Read More »

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Pretius is a software house with extensive experience in enterprise-grade software. While our company is generally very busy, we sometimes find the time for fun side projects (which is something our developers appreciate quite a bit). One such task was …

How to create a Roblox game: A fun side project for developers Read More »

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There are many scary myths about software developers and the process of working with them. Some of these are partly true, but most are just stereotypes that can be pretty harmful to your business and can make the people you …

Leading a software development team: A guide for the non-technical Read More »

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Microservices architecture  has grown in popularity in software development recently. The traditional way (using the monolithic architecture) of developing enterprise applications has become problematic when applications grow and get more composed. IT architects are turning to a microservices software development …

Why you should choose the microservices architecture? Read More »

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