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Bespoke software can offer your company huge benefits and give you an edge over the competition, but that doesn’t mean it’s the right choice in every scenario. In this article, we’ll take a look at how custom solutions can help …

The advantages of bespoke software – when is it the right choice for your business? Read More »

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In the 21st century, technology defines what most companies can and cannot do, which means most of them need IT support in one form or another. Sometimes your own IT department just doesn’t have the required time or expertise, so …

Cross-team collaboration in software development: challenges and tips for CTOs Read More »

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Even people as busy as software developers sometimes have spare time on their hands. Maybe a project they’re working on is getting stalled for reasons out of their control, or the company currently doesn’t have as many clients as was …

Side projects for programmers: 5 ideas you can use when managing a team of software developers Read More »

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There are many scary myths about software developers and the process of working with them. Some of these are partly true, but most are just stereotypes that can be pretty harmful to your business and can make the people you …

Leading a software development team: A guide for the non-technical Read More »

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In the third decade of the XXI century, the IT job market is like a jungle, in which many different predators compete to hire software developers. Unfortunately, just like in a real jungle, the “tasty bits” usually go to the …

How to hire software developers in 2021: 8 tips for IT Directors Read More »

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