Workflow / BPM


What are Workflow / BPM solutions?

Workflow / BPM is a class of solutions enabling automation of business processes performed in the organisation with the use of standard notations and components.

Business Process Management Systems allow process visualisation, their monitoring and optimisation. With BPM systems companies are able to identify organisational bottlenecks and remove them to improve effectiveness.

Why Workflow / BPM solutions from Pretius?

Our solutions ensure efficient and flexible configuration and launch of business processes.

A transparent interface, configuration capabilities of the system and visualisation of processes facilitate implementation of functional processes tailored to current needs.

Use of typical technologies and notations facilitates integration with other IT processes and systems, while focusing on business functionality instead of technical issues allows for creation of a solution precisely corresponding to the requirements.

At Pretius we use open-source, reliable back-end technologies like Activiti, JBPM, mixed with the latest frontend solutions – AngularJS and combine it all with exceptional User Experience (UX) in mind. Thanks to this approach we deliver engaging Workflow / BPM solutions which users find indispensable.

Our solutions proved their worth with customers from multiple verticals – including:

As with all our other solutions we put not only UX, but also security at the top of our list. This allows our customers to focus on generating business value without having to fear security breach related to our systems (which most of the time deal with sensitive data).

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