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Introduction In modern Java serialization and deserialization of simple objects to and from JSON is simple, quick and eficient. There are several libraries that do the job well, in particular Jackson and GSON are very broadly used. In our project …

Dynamic JSON deserialization of complex polymorphic data models Read More »

Many tutorials can guide an image recognition newbie to training a Haar cascade classifier, particularly the OpenCV official tutorial, Harrison’s Haar Cascade Object Detection Face & Eye OpenCV Python Tutorial, and Creating your own Haar Cascade OpenCV Python Tutorial. Once …

Haar Cascade and false positives – choose your training data well Read More »

Introduction The novel coronavirus, named SARS-CoV-2, has been spreading throughout the world for several months now. It emerged in China, most likely in December 2019. After just 4 months it is now (April 2020) infecting people in most countries in …

Coronavirus simulation – how do we slow the virus down? Read More »

Introduction Maven profiles are not the most commonly used feature and there is relatively little information on how to use them in practice. They can be used to differentiate builds of the same application; virtually every element specified in one’s pom.xml …

Configuring builds for application servers with maven profiles Read More »

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With the help of Maven, Spring Boot provides means to run a web application on several embedded servers. It is still spring, so deploying to an existing environment is also possible.  Unfortunately, running a Spring Boot application on Jetty server requires some …

How to deploy and run a Spring Boot application on Jetty Read More »

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Apache Solr provides means to search through indexed resources extremely quickly. The indexing process itself, however, can take a lot of time. When one googles “solr indexing efficiency” or “solr efficient indexing” one can find a lot of information on RAM …

Apache Solr: How to efficiently index large amounts of data? Read More »

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