Aleksandra Kilar

Knowledge Sharing at Pretius

Knowledge sharing among employees is one of the most important aspects that may contribute to the success of the company. Nowadays it seems really necessary either in a small company or a large corporation. The concept of knowledge sharing brings

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Secrets of top performance in Java

During the 4Developers conference, Łukasz Majcher and Bartek Chrostek (developers from Pretius) took part in the presentation titled “Secrets of top performance in Java revealed” by Jonatan Kaźmierczak. Łukasz and Bartek wanted to focus on the problem of counting words

Computerworld ‘Zarządzanie zespołami IT’

On 24 and 25 January the 6th edition of conference Computerworld Zarządzanie zespołami IT was held in Warsaw. If you were not able to participate and you are curious to know what happened during this event, please read the blog.   The opening

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Onboarding process

Nowadays, finding and keeping a perfect new employee can be demanding. However the work you put into recruiting process and what comes after that, can really make or break the growth of your team. Follow the old-fashioned onboarding process and

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